Support a coastal pathway for earthquake-damaged Christchurch

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group (CCPG) wants to build a 6.5-kilometre pathway from Scarborough Beach to Ferrymead Bridge. We need your support to complete this important project for the people of earthquake-damaged Christchurch.

The coastal communities of Sumner, Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant were badly damaged
in the February 2011 and subsequent earthquakes.  There is now an opportunity to revitalise and connect this area with a pathway of international standard. A pathway where the people of Christchurch and visitors can explore this beautiful foreshore. A place for walking, running, cycling and skating. CCPG was formed by local residents who are passionate about making the pathway a reality. 

A safe pathway is so desired largely because of the high number of walkers/cyclists living near the hills and beaches, but also because historically, Main Rd and Ferry Rd have been over-represented in the cyclist crash statistics.

Such a pathway would not only be a great metropolitan and tourism asset for Christchurch, offering access from city to beaches and hills, but also letting workers from the coastal communities commute safely into the new cycle-friendly CBD and local children to school.

Representatives of the CCPG have been working to try to convince council to plan ahead for such an amenity before they begin piecemeal repairs in the area.

CCPG has a working group of 25 and a paid up supporter base of 150. We meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Mt Pleasant Temporary Community Centre, 3 McCormacks Bay Road. All supporters welcome.

Our vision for the pathway

  • The continuous 6.5 kilometre pathway will accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and other users of non-motorised transport eg scooters, skateboarders and wheelchairs travelling in both directions.
  • It will be designed to an international standard and use materials that reflect the character of the coastline. 
  • There will be numerous public access points along the route.
  • The design will ensure the safety of all users. 
  • It will eventually link up with the proposed greenway in Christchurch’s central city.
  • The pathway will tell the cultural and historical stories of this special coastal area.
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