About the Pathway

Where will the pathway go?

The Pathway will be 6.5km long from Ferrymead bridge, along the coastal edge to Scarborough beach in Sumner. It will connect with the city cycle network.

Check out the concept design on the Council website.

It is anticipated that the project will result in an approximate tripling of current use, for utility cycling trips and well as promoting increased walking activity.

In addition to direct transport benefits, the pathway will offer other significant economic benefits. In New Zealand, New Plymouth and Wellington are already proof positive that coastal pathways can generate benefits that extend far beyond transport and access.


Who is the pathway for?

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway is for everyone, the people of Christchurch and tourists alike. It will benefit a wide range of potential users including children, adults, families, mobility impaired, walkers, runners, cyclists.

How much will it cost?

The total estimated cost for the pathway is approximately $25 million. Estimated benefits are in excess of $50 million over a three year period, based on transport benefits alone. The completed pathway will be owned and maintained by Christchurch City Council.

How much has been raised?

In June 2013 Christchurch City Council awarded the project $9.9 million. Fulton Hogan has donated $250,000 in kind to integrate SCIRT repairs along the causeway. The Canterbury Community Trust and Trusts Community Foundation have both granted funds for operational costs and a part-time co-ordinator.

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When is it being built?

Work has already commenced along the Mt Pleasant Causeway in order to take advantages of SCIRT repairs.
Further work in this area will include seating, lookouts, lighting and planting.

Other sections will be developed over the coming years. Where possible they will occur alongside SCIRT repairs.

Timing for the section along Sumner beach in front of Peacocks Gallop will be subject to geotech reports.




What will the pathway offer?

The pathway will be a remarkable legacy project for Christchurch. It will be more than just a route, offering safe and healthy recreational space with places to exercise, rest, play and enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife, with easy access to the waterfront and beaches.

The pathway will celebrate history, cultural links and the significance of the area to Ngai Tahu.

Done well it will be a new icon of the city, loved by residents and visitors alike.




PhotoNewZealand / (Top to bottom)
Miz Watanabe, Rob Tucker, Tony Brunt

Isn’t there a pathway there already?

Sections of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway route are already popular for exercising, however there is no continuous pathway and in some areas it is narrow and earthquake damaged.

Where possible the pathway will be 4 metres wide. This is intended to allow smooth flow of users in both directions.

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