An Amazing Location

History, culture and community

People have lived and gathered food in this area for over 700 years. For the people of Waitaha, Ngati Mamoe and Ngai Tahu, Te Ihutai (Avon -Heathcote Estuary) was a place of settlement and mahinga kai (food gathering). European settlers in the 1840s used the estuary as an entrance to the city. At the turn of the century residents of Christchurch would take the tram to Sumner along the causeway for a day at the beach.



PhotoNewZealand / (Clockwise from left) Derek Morrison, Rob Driessen, Derek Morrison, Rob Tucker, Rob Driessen

Recreation for everyone

Running, cycling, scooting, skateboarding, walking, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, buggies, wheel chairs, windsurfing, history, culture, birdwatching…

This will be a multi purpose facility that will promote health, fitness and sustainable transport. There will be lots of things to see and do along the way.

Nature’s habitat

The estuary is a significant habitat for a high diversity of bird life and migratory birds, there is also an abundance of marine species.

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway will include storm water management systems and native planting, which will help provide increased habitat for local and migratory wildlife.


“The Coastal
Pathway has
the potential
to be a
top tourist

Economic Regeneration

The pathway proposal has the potential to be the most significant and accessible outdoor recreational development in Canterbury. Similar projects elsewhere have attracted high useage. If comparable useage to the New Plymouth Walkway occurs, it will make the Christchurch Coastal Pathway the second most visited
attraction in the city, after the Botanic Gardens.

Pathway as ‘City changer’

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway has been described by City Councillors as a ‘city changer’. It will be a new icon of our rebuilt city and a compelling reason to visit. Long term it is envisaged that the Pathway will link back to the Avon river precinct in the city, providing locals and tourists with a unique way to explore the city.


This project would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and supporters: